5 Reasons I Will Unfollow You on Twitter

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May 16, 2012 by Daniel Beckworth

Let’s be honest, some folks have abused the privilege of social networking. You probably have those people in your life that make you cringe and secretly want to kick a puppy every time you check your Twitter feed. Here’s 5 reasons I will unfollow you.

1. Subtweeting – This drives me absolutely crazy. The fact that you subtweet probably explains why you can’t keep friends in real life.

2. Tweeting song lyrics – You’re allowed a free pass if you quote really cool band, such as U2. But if you so much as think about tweeting a Taylor Swift or Nickelback lyric I will block you forever.

3. Posting numerous self portraits each day – We get it. You love you.

4. Negative tweets – We all face negative situations that sometimes make their way onto our social networking account, but nobody wants to constantly read negative tweets. Try mixing in a bit of humor and sarcasm to diffuse your negativity.

5. Posting too often or post that lack content – If you post 50+ times per day (not counting responses to fellow twittiots), you’re posting too often. If your post contains zero substance, keep it to yourself. If your tweet says, “Just ate a sandwhich!” or “I’m sleepy.” you’re guilty as charged.


What reasons cause you to unfollow on Twitter?

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