Love Without Knowledge vs. Knowledge Without Love

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April 3, 2012 by Daniel Beckworth

Next up on the docket is…..

Love Without Knowledge

The reaction that this teaching method elicits could lead one to believe that it is the lessor evil of the two methods, but I believe it is of equal, if not greater, danger than “Knowledge Without Love.”

Having a great passion or zeal without knowledge often leads to a cult. Having great passion is of little value if what you are teaching is wrong. You may win many converts, but they become converts to a false cause.

Example: Humanitarian efforts that seek to end poverty in an urban area in our state, yet fail to share the gospel with the people you are reaching. By only focusing on the surface level issue, you have failed to address the root cause.


Example: A preacher/teacher passionately teaches that there are multiple paths to heaven and that all major world religions basically teach the same thing. While the teacher may believe this wholeheartedly and teach with passion, they have led the audience astray and negatively impacted their beliefs.

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